This is my Success story. I’m Colleen When I was a teenager I use to wear Tight Braids and Ponytails. Relaxer/Perm Colour and Glue in’s
After years of Harsh Treatment to my Hair. And although  I knew better, I’m Certified Cosmologists I Still didn’t Take care of My Hair.

I was 100% too embarrassed to take any more photo’s, UNTIL a little more hair grew back. After 15 years. I’m finally seeing results and it only took me 3 months to see almost full Results. #Derma
I’m happy Confident and have learn my lesson.

Now the DERMA ROLLING Saved me. I use to look back at my photos and only see a bald spot and a huge smile sadly. I wasn’t happy. I use the 0.5mm daily for 4 mins. On my damp scalp. These are some before, and trust me the before

If I had keep it up daily until my Hair grew back for good.
I would have a fill head of hair again slowly but surely it’s coming back. Thank you Derma roller.

    1. All of my Skin on My scalp had grown over my Roots blocking any hair of growing out. So in grown hair without the bumps and pain. The 540 needles breaks the cradle scalp. And give the hair a second chance to regrow no hair trans plant. All my baby hair. Stun grown hair. is seen in my pictures. you can see it when pickup your order, I’m not embarrassed anymore. 2020 time for my Hair to be Right. No more. Tight braids. I have lots of clients results. Posting soon. You can be here too. Just follow the in instructions